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How it all started

In 1997 International Thermal & Acoustic CC (Intertherm) was launched ready to serve the African continent with it's needs for thermal and acoustical insulation.

The two founders of Intertherm are well known and respected in the industry with a wealth of knowledge gained from many years of experience in the UK, Middle East and Southern Africa. 

Intertherm’s reputation for quality and service is reflected by it’s list of clientele and boasts among it’s customers many blue chip companies including national and international breweries, mining houses and petrochemical works.

Continued growth

Quality, coupled with service has given 'Intertherm' it's strength to grow steadily to it's current form employing over two hundred people and boasts pre-operations in 26 African countries, and product supply worldwide.

Intertherm has developed relationships with companies throughout Africa and as far afield as Canada, United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark and Germany, conducting insulation projects on a contract basis on the African continent.

The companies main activity is the design, supply and installation of Energy based environmentally enhancing products. Thermal and acoustical insulation. Painting and coatings, Acid lining, Heat tracing, Formwork and scaffold.

Mission statement

Our Mission Statement

Intertherms mission statement is simple and direct, Respect our planet and all who dwell upon her.

Our Target Statement

Intertherms target is to add health and wealth to the industrial sector that we strive to lead in, In order to do this we need to obtain respect from others within this space and drive Safety, Quality, Efficiency, design and delivery. Under no circumstances will any of the 5 named elements be compromised to achieve financial goals or grandeur. Grandstanding is for others, integrity is for us.

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About Us

Intertherm – Africa's best known energy conservation partner offers solution within the general section of energy waste, Thermal and Acoustical Insulating, Acid spillage control, Coating and Painting, Heat tracing, Scaffold and formwork, are some of the areas that we concentrate our efforts in, We design, Supply, Install and thereafter we give peace of mind.

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