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Thermal insulation

We are the current market leaders in Cryogenic insulation design, supply and application servicing all temperature ranges, we also offer a large rage of hot application products to suit various designs.

Acoustic insulation

When it comes to the control of sound in factories, and the general workplace, it is sometimes overlooked, Intertherm is currently boasting many large sound enclosures completed projects and handles all its design, manufacturing and installation in house.


We undertake the supply and erection of specialized scaffolding and formwork for both self-use and stand alone contracts.


Since many of the vessels and tanks that we insulate are cladded with profiled sheeting, it was viewed as being within the skill base of our fitters and developed from there into a separate division employing dedicated staff and management.

Trace heating

Heat tracing is an efficiency driven application, that is hand in glove with thermal insulation, both of these areas of specialty are handled in house by separate departments.

Coating and Painting

Painting and thermal coating is a service offered by one of departments that has been established to drive this new revolution of ceramic energy conservation, coupled with conventional coatings we offer a full range of products for both energy and corrosion protection.

Bund Wall Lining

Bund wall and vessel lining if required we can offer a few options, INTERTHERM can supply with competitive pricing and excellent quality.
Use our contact form to get rapid service and advice for your painting requirements or contact us by telephone and speak to one of our qualified staff members.

About Us

Intertherm – Africa's best known energy conservation partner offers solution within the general section of energy waste, Thermal and Acoustical Insulating, Acid spillage control, Coating and Painting, Heat tracing, Scaffold and formwork, are some of the areas that we concentrate our efforts in, We design, Supply, Install and thereafter we give peace of mind.

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